Saturday, 7 January 2017

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On this page I will be highlighting stunning locations from some of the trips I have been on across Scotland. Some of these trips I've written about may provide you with some useful information for trips of your own.
I hope you find these blogs interesting and informative. I also hope that they inspire and encourage you to do something similar!-
Go somewhere new, go explore and go support small businesses and areas!

When I'm not out on my motorbike, climbing a Munro, snowboarding,  abroad on holiday etc I will add to this page as much as I can.
Feel free to comment,  follow me here or on Instagram or just check out some of my favourite photos taken on previous trips.
I would just like to confirm am not a writer nor am I a photographer. I'm not a fan of television and this stuff will fill the voids I have in my days. :)